Iron Man VR Shows New Combat Gameplay, Armor Station, & More

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Iron Man VR is the next big PlayStation VR exclusive; the title is being published by Sony and developed by studio Camouflaj. Following a demo of the game released last month, and a ahead of next week’s July 3rd launch, the studio has shared a deep dive on what players can expect from the game.

In a post on the official PlayStation Blog, Iron Man VR director Ryan Payton today shared a heap of new details about the game, including new game footage showing off environments, combat, and more. Payton also revealed that players should expect 8 to 10 hours of playtime.

Combat Abilities

Payton spoke to some of the movement and combat capabilities that players will have access to:


We heard how much you love boosting at high speeds, so just a few weeks ago, we further increased the frequency at which you can boost in the full game. Buckle up!

Rocket Punch

My favorite mechanic. I can’t get enough of punching enemies with a one-two-three hit combo and then finishing them off with a Repulsor Blast or auxiliary weapon.

Auxiliary Weapons

By spending Research Points at the Armor Station, you can unlock powerful auxiliary weapons that fire out of your gauntlets. When you play the full game, please do me a big favor and check out the incredible detail artist Chris Foster and animator Benjamin Meals put into each weapon. I can’t tell you how cool it is to see those weapons emerge from your forearms in VR.

Ground Pound

The rough-and-tumble cousin of Rocket Punch, Ground Pound allows players to descend on enemies at furious speeds. Mastering Ground Pound takes some practice, but once you do, you will be a powerful force on both horizontal and vertical planes!


Eagle-eyed players noticed blasting enemies charges the Unibeam meter. Once it’s fully charged, you can fire a mighty Unibeam blast out of Iron Man’s chest. The trick, however, is determining the optimal time to trigger it…

Payton says there’s more mechanics that players will discover in Iron Man VR, and that players will face a “true test” in a “tough-as-nails optional mission that unlocks once you’ve completed the game.” Bring it on.

Garage & Armor Station

Beyond combat abilities, he also revealed the Armor Station in Tony Stark’s garage, which functions as an interface for players to equip their amor with upgrades and weapons.

Payton says there will be more for players to do while hanging out in Tony’s garage too. “Try roaming around Tony’s garage, squeeze in a workout, give Pepper a call, or maybe listen to our in-fiction podcast series hosted by a close(ish) family member of Tony Stark…”

Story and Characters

Payton also spoke to the game’s story-focus and said that players will see some classic Marvel characters in the game, like Pepper Potts, Nick Fury, and Friday, along with others that haven’t been revealed yet.

The game’s cast is comprised of Josh Keaton (Tony Stark), Chantelle Barry (Ghost), Leila Birch (FRIDAY), Ike Amadi (Nick Fury), and Jennifer Hale (Pepper Potts).

Iron Man VR is a PlayStation VR exclusive with a release date set for Friday, July 3rd. A demo of the game is already available.

Iron Man VR can be pre-order today in a digital or disc Standard Edition ($40) and a Digital Deluxe Edition ($50) which includes four Iron Man armor skins that are unique to the Deluxe edition, extra upgrade points, the full soundtrack (digital), and an Iron Man VR PS4 theme.

Sony is also making available an Iron Man VR PSVR bundle for $350 which includes the headset, camera, two move controllers, and the Standard Edition Iron Man VR game on disc.

Pre-ordering either version of the game (or the PSVR bundle) will net you four armor skins that are a unique to pre-orders.

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