Rare 300-Game Arcade Cabinet Will Be Back In Stock Soon

AtGames broke into the arcade market last year with lofty ambitions. It released a huge Legends Ultimate arcade cabinet that had a huge amount of games on it. Unfortunately, disruptions in manufacturing caused by the coronavirus pandemic slowed production to a crawl, making the cabinet extremely difficult to find. It’s been out of stock for months now, but AtGames has announced that a re-release is coming soon–really soon. Starting August 31, you’ll see the Legends Ultimate making its way back to major retailers for $600, including Walmart, GameStop, and Sam’s Club.

AtGames is mostly known for its officially licensed Atari Flashback consoles and other plug-and-play systems. The Legends Ultimate is decidedly more expensive than AtGames’ earlier retro products, but it’s also a full-size cabinet packed with hundreds of games and unique features you don’t typically find in home cabinets.

Legends Ultimate Arcade Cabinet


The $600 Legends Ultimate Arcade Cabinet is a full-size cabinet (29.53 x 21.65 x 65.44 inches) that boasts 300 games, including Centipede, BurgerTime, Tempest, Missile Command, Tetris, and Space Invaders.

You can check out the full list of games on AtGames’ site. Games are played on a 24-inch HD LCD monitor, with sound coming through the down-firing stereo speaker.

The Legends Ultimate has a variety of control inputs to support its eclectic library of arcade and home console classics. Each cabinet has two joysticks, a trackball, a pair of spinners, and two sets of six buttons (ideal for multiplayer). You can also get third-party controllers to work via USB/Bluetooth.

Separating itself from some other modern cabinets, the Legends Ultimate has built-in Wi-Fi and an ethernet jack to view global leaderboards, livestream your gameplay, and download new updates. It also has an add-on tool that lets you load more games, or even make your own titles to play on your Legends Ultimate cabinet. And for those who like tinkering with Raspberry Pi, you can pair it with the Legends Ultimate over Bluetooth.

In addition to all of the onboard games and customization options, the Legends Ultimate has an optional subscription service called ArcadeNet ($20 per month), which gives you access to a growing library of games. You can also stream games from cloud servers and your own PC games with the Bring Your Own Game feature–it does cost $1 per hour, though.

Walmart and Sam’s Club had been selling the original iteration for $50 to $100 off at times, so it’ll be interesting to see if this pricey, albeit feature rich, cabinet is sold for less than retail price again.

AtGames’ Legends Ultimate is part of the growing trend of home arcade machines boasting hundreds of games and customization features. It’s joined by the upcoming iiRcade cabinet, which has a Sega license and shattered its Kickstarter goal recently. SNK also just revealed the Neo Geo MVSX, which comes packed with 50 classic Neo Geo and SNK arcade titles. The Legends Ultimate is certainly aimed at retro gamers, and if that’s you, don’t forget to check out our complete guide to retro gaming in 2020.

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