Best Nintendo Switch Screen Protectors 2020

Since the Nintendo Switch’s screen is made of plastic, it’s prone to scratches and more wear and tear than most modern handheld devices fitted with glass screens. So alongside a great Nintendo Switch case, the first Nintendo Switch accessory you should grab is a quality screen protector to keep your Switch screen looking brand-new. We’ve put together a list of our picks for the best screen protectors for Nintendo Switch, all of which can be purchased for around $10 or less at Amazon. We’ve also included Nintendo Switch Lite screen protectors, which are arguably even more important considering the Switch Lite is a handheld-only system–those rounded edges can only cushion so much force if you happen to drop it.

Quick look: Best screen protectors for Nintendo Switch

  • amFilm tempered glass screen protector — $9
  • Hori Protective Filter — $10
  • Orzly tempered glass screen protector — $9

Nintendo Switch screen protectors come in two styles: tempered glass and plastic. A tempered glass screen protector is thicker and offers more resistance to hard scratches, but it is possible to crack a glass screen protector if you drop the console. Plastic screen protectors often blend in with the console’s screen but are less resistant to scratches–the protector itself can become scratched and scuffed over time.

Choosing the best Nintendo Switch screen protector is a matter of personal preference, really. If you’re really worried about scratches, we’d go with tempered glass. If you can’t stand the look of glass screen protectors, which do noticeably bulk up the Switch console screen, definitely stick with a plastic screen protector, which still provides a barrier of defense for your Switch’s screen.

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amFilm tempered glass screen protector

Easily the most popular tempered glass Nintendo Switch screen protector, this option from amFilm is cut to fit the Switch’s screen perfectly. It comes with wet wipes to clean your screen, a microfiber cloth to dry it, hinge stickers for easy application, and a squeeze card to remove lingering air bubbles after application (a credit card works better, though). Though it’s pretty simple to install, amFilm includes two protectors in case something goes awry when applying it to your Switch screen. The protectors also clock in at 9H hardness, making them extra-tough.

Each glass screen protector is super-thin (just 0.3mm) and transparent. Yes, you can tell that a screen protector is on your screen, but you probably won’t notice it while playing. I’ve had this screen protector on my Switch since launch day in 2017, and it has remained scratch and bubble free to this day, especially after using an included wet wipe to clean it.

If you have a Switch Lite, you can grab the amFilm protector designed for the Switch’s younger cousin, the Switch Lite. The Switch Lite pack comes with three tempered glass screen protectors.

Orzly tempered glass screen protector

Orzly makes a variety of nice Nintendo Switch accessories, including one of our favorite Nintendo Switch cases. The manufacturer’s tempered glass screen protectors for Switch are high quality and even thinner than amFilm’s at just 0.24mm. It comes with alcohol swabs and a cleaning cloth to remove dust and smudges from the display before application.

This pack comes with two protectors, but you’ll probably only ever need one thanks to its sturdy design that’s extremely resistant to scratches–even from objects as sharp as knives.

Supershieldz tempered glass screen protector

Supershieldz Nintendo Switch screen protector is a tad thicker than the other two tempered glass options on this list at 0.33mm. However, that doesn’t affect the touch screen responsiveness or look. The protector has Hydrophobic and Oleo-phobic coating, which combat fingerprints and sweat marks.

This two-pack comes with a pair of alcohol swabs, a cleaning cloth, dust-absorbent stickers, and guide stickers to help you perfectly align the protector atop the display. Supershieldz also offers a lifetime warranty with its Switch screen protector.

Maxboost plastic screen protector

Though tempered glass screen protectors offer the most protection, they aren’t for everyone. Regardless of how thin they sound, they can’t possibly be as thin as flexible, plastic protectors, which can be crucial if you’re using another third-party accessory that alters the shape or profile of the console. This Switch screen protector from Maxboost is made of PET plastic and is just 0.1mm thick, which means you won’t even know it’s there if properly applied–an appealing trait for those who don’t like the look or feel of glass protectors.

The downside to flexible screen protectors is that they can be more challenging to apply without introducing air bubbles, and they aren’t nearly as scratch-resistant. Chances are you’ll have to swap them out over time, but this pack comes with three. Still, the protector does stave off fingerprints and smudges and, when scratched, at least it won’t be your Switch’s screen (provided it’s nothing major). It comes with wet and dry wipes to clean the Switch’s display and guide stickers to help you align it properly.

Hori Protective Filter (plastic)

Another option for those who favor the sleekness of plastic screen protectors is Hori’s Protective Filter, an officially licensed Nintendo product. Made of PET plastic, this screen protector is incredibly easy to apply, which is great news considering you only get one. All you need to do is line up the plastic with the display and peel the sticker off. It may not provide the same durability over time as tempered glass protectors, but this filter doesn’t smudge easily and blends in with the screen.

Like the Maxboost, Hori’s Protective Filter is great for those who don’t particularly like the way glass screen protectors look. We’d say if you’re worried about getting the protector to sit right, go with the Hori Protective Filter. If you have no trouble applying screen protectors, the Maxboost is probably a better option since you get three.

Hori’s Protective Filter is also available for Nintendo Switch Lite, which is our pick for the best plastic Switch Lite screen protector.

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