VR Arcade Series RevolVR is Making its Way to Home Headsets This Year

Neurogaming’s RevolVR series for location-based entertainment (LBE) venues have been around for several years now, with RevolVR 2 available via the PlayVR platform. The franchise will soon be getting a new lease of life on home headsets thanks to Never Bored and Dima Productions, with RevolVR 3 scheduled for release later this year.

In a similar vein to Dead and Buried, RevolVR 3 is a multiplayer wild west shooter with PvP gameplay and social elements. Everyone inhabits a robot body, kindly provided by gun-making corporations so players can test out their latest handguns.

Featuring a wild west saloon as the social hub, this is where players can relax in between matches, sitting back to enjoy a selection of mini-games such as Russian roulette or going against the clock in the speed-shooting bottle range. Voice chat and emojis will be available to enhance the social experience.

The main game itself is mostly styled around battle royale matches where everyone tries to kill each other. But there will also be team battles and team-vs-bot matches. Up to six players will be supported for each session. To add further depth to RevolVR 3 a leaderboard system and experience points will also be included.

Never Bored wants RevolVR 3 to be a physical gameplay experience, encouraging players to jump, duck and hide behind covers, looking for unique angles to shoot opponents. Currently, the developer has said there will be three environments for the matches to take place in, with players able to select between four characters, each with their own unique guns.

RevolVR 3 is expected to launch in Q4 2020 supporting Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Valve Index and Windows Mixed Reality headsets. Should the launch go well then a road map for 2021 will see additional features such as co-op, one-on-one duels, new levels and weapons become available. Check out the teaser trailer for RevolVR 3 below, and for any further updates keep reading VRFocus.

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