The Original Resident Evil Cover Star Isn’t Chris (So Who Is It?)

Ever since the debut of the first Resident Evil game, fans have been under the impression that the game’s central protagonist, Chris Redfield, was the main figure in the game’s cover art. Recently, however, it has been revealed that this is not the case.

Although there have been debates over the years about whether the figure on the game’s cover was Redfield or another of the first games’ central characters, Richard Aiken, the original illustrator offered some insight. According to Bill Sienkiewicz, the cover artist for the game, the character depicted on the game’s box is… no one. At least, no one in particular. The cover art was made before the game and its characters were finalized.

YouTuber, Score PN, who regularly publishes Resident Evil content, released a video earlier this week which referenced a Tweet from Sienkiewicz ending the debate once and for all. As Sienkiewicz states, “The character on the box art isn’t based on anyone in reality (such as an actor); he’s roughly based on a character from the game. At the time I did the cover, the game’s concept was still developing. So I was told to run with it, but include certain elements like spiders, etc.”

First released in 1996, the iconic survival horror game Resident Evil would go on to launch a franchise that’s still kicking nearly 25 years later. From direct sequels, spin-offs, mobile games, and more, the series has quite a loyal fan base. It’s the enthusiasm of such fans that have kept the debate about the first game’s cover art going on for so long, including fan art inspired by the figure’s facial expressions, even prompting Score PN to dig up confirmation from Sienkiewicz himself.

So, no, the cover illustration of the first Resident Evil game features neither Chris Redfield nor Richard Aiken. Later remakes of that first game, of which there have been a few,  would go on to depict actual characters from the series on their covers, such as Redfield and his counterpart Jill Valentine, typically fending off a zombie or two. Yet, when it comes to the original cover art, debate no longer

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