Planet Zoo Southeast Asia Animal Pack Overview: Climb All The Trees

The latest DLC for Planet Zoo is unlike its predecessors. In the past, new content has had a varied focus, offering a handful of animals as well as new scenery that complements the pack’s theme. This time around the spotlight is squarely on the zoo’s inhabitants. The Southeast Asia Pack adds seven diverse habitat-based animals, as well as a new exhibit species.

The more you consider it, the more a DLC pack focused entirely on animals makes sense, especially at this point in Planet Zoo’s life cycle. Previously we’ve seen packs based on Arctic, Aquatic, South American, and Australian themes. Each of these has contained around five animals, split between exhibit and habitat species, as well as an average of over 200 themed construction pieces. This means that you now have access to a huge amount of new scenery alongside the extra animals, scenarios, and challenge zoos. Since the building process can be tricky – especially for newcomers to the Planet games – being able to purchase a pack that just adds animals and a new timed scenario is a welcome addition.

In terms of the animals themselves, there’s a nice selection of different and unique species, and several of them can be put into one habitat. The North Sulawesi Babirusa has low appeal but only needs a small living area and will breed easily. Since males need to be separated shortly after birth, you can sell the offspring for a little extra boost to your zoo funds. The Dhole is similar in terms of appeal, although these pack animals require a lot more space – twice as much to be precise.

If you’re looking for an animal that can be added to a multispecies enclosure then Binturongs can be kept with Malayan Tapirs and Sun Bears. Since Tapirs have a low appeal rating of around 1,200 – compared to Binturongs’ 3,700 – pairing the two species together can boost the exhibit’s footfall. Tapirs can also live alongside Borean Orangutans, Indian Elephants, or Proboscis Monkeys, making them pretty versatile.

As well as the Babirusa, Dhole, and Malayan Tapir, the pack also includes the far more appealing Clouded Leopard, Sun Bear, and Proboscis Monkey. All three of these animals will require climbing space and are fascinating to watch with appeal ratings mostly over 4,000. The Clouded Leopard needs quite a large space, but the Sun Bears and Monkeys are happy in smaller enclosures. Finally, the Giant Leaf Insect is a new exhibit species, the only one in this pack. Its appeal is low but it breeds frequently, so you can expect a lot of babies to spot and sell!

Since this is an animal pack there aren’t hundreds of decorative items. However, there are some signs for the new animals. These will allow you better customize any signs on their enclosures. There’s no new foliage but there is a new type of forager and a hammock for enrichment purposes. You’ll also notice that there’s a new timed experience, Kuala Bintu Taman, included in the pack.

In this scenario, you take control of a zoo that already has eight habitats containing a dozen animals including the Babirusa, Dhole, Malayan Tapir, Sun Bear, and Proboscis Monkey. You’ll be tasked with improving their environment, adding extra animals, and building a gondola ride. You’ll also need to generate a solid amount of shop profit, all before the time runs out. The zoo starts off with an average rating but you’ll need to improve on this to succeed.

This definitely poses a challenge, but the demands are easier to meet than some other timed scenarios. The zoo itself is also beautifully built and shows what can be done with existing items in the game to complement the new animals. There are obvious spaces for new habitats and you won’t have to navigate ridiculous terrain. This means you can really focus on building an appealing environment that’s great for the animals and guests alike.This pack is designed to appeal to those who want to expand their animal selection and aren’t concerned about new decorative items. The different species are well-chosen, covering a range of appeal levels, habitat requirements, and looks. They fit nicely together and all blend well into temperate zoos especially. Each animal also requires a reasonable amount of foliage, as well as climbing areas. This allows for diverse and detailed enclosures.

Planet Zoo already includes plenty of appropriate scenery and complementary buildings, even for those who don’t have other DLC. As a result of this, the lack of scenery will likely only be felt by those who focus on this specific aspect of gameplay. If you prefer exhibits over extras or just want to add some intriguing and engaging new animals to your zoo, then this pack will be a great fit.

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