No Man’s Sky: Desolation Update Adds Deep Space Chills

Considering the expansive universe Hello Games has created in No Man’s Sky the vast emptiness of space hasn’t been that scary. Until now of course. Looking like it has been inspired by Dead Space the new No Man’s Sky: Desolation update offers the chance to explore seemingly abandoned spacecraft which always goes well, doesn’t it?

The free update for all supported platforms including PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Valve Index adds mysteriously derelict freighters into the videogame. Able to be explored on your own or with friends the craft offer hazardous, procedurally generated interiors to explore.

The main reason you’d step onto a ghost ship is to see what you can loot, and these capital ships are rich in salvage, Hello Games noting this includes ‘otherwise unobtainable upgrades’. To make each ship that little more unique there are logs left behind by the crew providing a story, through a mix of procedurally generated and hand-written text.

But it wouldn’t be any fun without something going wrong and escape being far harder than entering. Defense systems will activate and alien lifeforms which aren’t exactly friendly all hamper progress towards the airlock.

The No Man’s Sky: Desolation update also adds a host of improvements and balance changes to the gameplay and weapon handling. These include:

  • Improved bloom effects.
  • Improved lens flare.
  • New volumetric light sources.
  • Auto-Expanding Freighter Modules.
  • Paint your capital ship in new colours.
  • Freighter storage boxes can now be accessed directly from inventory screen tabs.
  • Teleport Modules may now be built aboard freighters.
  • Multi-Tool weapons rebalanced, focused on faster-paced, more dynamic combat.
  • New Nexus Missions

Last month saw Hello Games release a milestone update, adding cross-platform compatibility no matter if you’re in VR or not. For further No Man’s Sky announcements, keep reading VRFocus.
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