Mega Man VR: Targeted Virtual World!! Trailer Arrives from Capcom

It’s not been an easy ride of late for location-based entertainment (LBE) venues like virtual reality (VR) arcades. Companies like Ubisoft are trying to help with license-free games or by releasing new ones. It’s the same around the world this week seeing Capcom announce a new attraction Mega Man VR: Targeted Virtual World!! for its VR section of Capcom Plaza Ikebukuro in Japan.

Called Rockman VR in Japan, the first trailer has now arrived as well reservations now being open reports Gematsu. Due to launch next week on 18th July, Mega Man VR: Targeted Virtual World!! is a single-player shooter. No other gameplay details have been released so far.

“A peaceful virtual reality world where everyone was having fun playing. But Dr. Wily is planning to hack into and conquer that virtual reality world! Equipped with the virtual reality goggles developed by Dr. Light, Mega Man will dive into the virtual reality world and put a stop to Dr. Wily’s evil plans,” the story description explains.

The trailer is a cinematic one, so there’s no gameplay to enjoy. It does show Mega Man facing off against several smaller enemies before a large brick-based boss crashes the scene, likely to be the final boss players must face.

It’s in stark contrast to a lot of the VR videogames seen in Europe and the US which try to emphasise multiplayer experiences so that heading to a VR arcade feels more like an event. While places like Bandai Namco’s VR ZONE Portal include solo titles like Beat Saber, experiences like Mario Kart Arcade GP VR, Space Junkies and Ghost Patrol VR as well as locations such as Zero Latency and The VOID are great examples of multiplayer LBE VR.

Mega Man VR: Targeted Virtual World!! may never be seen outside of Japan but if it is, VRFocus will let you know.
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