Love Outriders? Play Remnant: From The Ashes

One of the strengths of Outriders is how effectively it combines the best elements from lots of different games. It blends the cover-shooter aesthetic of Gears of War with the pace and energy of Doom 2016 to create combat encounters that feel fresh and exciting. It also melds the difficulty scaling of Diablo 3 with the loot variety from Borderlands for a leveling experience that constantly rewards you with the power you need to meet ever-increasing challenges and plenty of new toys to experiment with along the way. One game that has been left out of the conversation completely is Gunfire Games 2019 cult-hit Remnant: From the Ashes. Outriders owes more to Remnant than you might think, and while it isn’t a Looty Mcshooty like Outriders, fans of one will almost certainly find something to love from the other.

There’s plenty of differences between Outriders and Remnant, but both games are clearly cut from the same cloth. Both games are third-person shooters that offer deep and complex character customization, moddable weapons, and energetic combat. In fact, the earliest gameplay footage of Outriders had me momentarily convinced that it was actually a sequel to Remnant. The games share a similar post-apocalyptic aesthetic with mutated enemies in a world corrupted by mystical energy. The similarities are numerous, all the way down to the weapon designs that look like living organisms.

The best thing about Outriders is the gear customization and build options that open up in the end-game. Each weapon has two mods that can be filled with over 200 different mods. These mods, along with the stat bonuses on each gear piece and the skills you select from your class skill tree, allow for a nearly unlimited number of unique and viable builds. Remnant has a surprisingly similar system for building loadouts. Like Outriders, every weapon in Remnant has a slot where mods can be switched in and out that give your character access to a variety of different active abilities, much like the skills in Outriders. Both games also offer set bonuses on armor that have a massive effect on your playstyle. There is also a robust skill tree-like system that allows you to improve specific attributes in a granular way. Ultimately Outriders probably offers the more robust build options, but Remnant definitely scratches that itch.

Of course, there’s a major difference in pace between the two games, but it’s a change that Outriders players might find refreshing after carving a path through the game’s near-endless hordes of monsters. Remnant is often compared to Dark Souls because the combat is unforgiving and every enemy is potentially deadly. You need to develop an encyclopedic knowledge of the enemy types in Remnant in order to avoid their attacks. It’s possible to get completely overwhelmed by just three or four enemies, whereas in Outriders, you’re almost always trying to deal with ten or more attackers at once. Both games require tactical decision-making and quick reflexes, but Remnant relies a lot more on individual skill as opposed to the highest level gear for survivability. If you enjoyed the challenge that Outriders presents, Remnants feels like the next logical step.

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