KOTOR's Darth Nihilus Is Getting A Star Wars: The Black Series Figure

The Mandalorian is currently the most coveted of Hasbro’s long-running Star Wars: The Black Series action figures, but I suspect the newly announced Darth Nihilus will give him a run for his money. This popular Sith Lord debuted in 2004’s Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II, and despite having little exposure since then, has remained popular both for toy collectors and cosplayers.

The Darth Nihilus figure will be sold exclusively at GameStop starting on October 26, and is a part of the retailer’s Gaming Greats line. Preorders are live now. Nihilus joins Darth Revan in this ongoing series, and hopefully won’t be the last KOTOR figure we see. We’d love to get a Black Series figure of HK-47 next. You can view several shots of Darth Nihilus’ upcoming figure below:

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