Go Behind the Scenes With The Walking Dead Onslaught, new Gameplay Details Revealed

There are several big virtual reality (VR) titles scheduled for launch this month, one of which is Survios’ The Walking Dead Onslaught. In the run-up to release the studio has now shared new screenshots and published an interview detailing more gameplay info.

The Walking Dead Onslaught is based on AMC’s TV show with its storyline set between season 8 and 9. It’ll feature an original narrative which Survios has created in collaboration with AMC’s producers and the show’s writers, where players need to rebuild the community in the Alexandria Safe Zone.

Problem is Daryl Dixon and Rick Grimes both have different ideas about how to go about this. Grimes is all about personal sacrifices for the good of the community whilst Dixon goes down the path of individual freedom. These two perspectives will then alter how players approach The Walking Dead Onslaught, swapping between the two.

So players will need to rebuild Alexandria, heading out to collect vital resources like food and fuel as well as finding new survivors. Players will be given challenges in the form of letters and requisition requests, asking them to find specific items for individual residents or resources which will benefit the whole community.

Of course, no zombie videogame is complete without an arsenal of weaponry and The Walking Dead Onslaught looks set to have quite the selection. Those trips outside Alexandria will help not only to provide new weapons but also the resources to upgrade them. Whether you prefer the range of Rick’s pistol or the close-quarter battle-axe, each will have its own particular traits and ways to be improved. However, those resources can also be used to build new structures.

Melee weapons will allow players to really get stuck into the action, jamming knives through walkers skulls whilst providing silent kills. Ranged weapons tend to be louder but great for picking walkers off strategically. Or there’s always Daryl’s crossbow.

The Walking Dead Onslaught will support Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Valve Index and PlayStation VR when it launches on 29th September 2020. Pre-orders have already gone live with the Standard Edition retailing for $29.99 USD while the Deluxe edition retails for $39.99. These will include exclusive weapons and character skins. The PlayStation VR version will also get a physical version in October.

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