Iron Man VR Devs Reveal Game Length, Locations, And Tony Stark's Abilities

Iron Man VR is due to release on July 3, following a brief delay, and as that date approaches we’ve learned more about what to expect. Director Ryan Payton, who led work on the game at Camouflaj, has delved into the game on the PlayStation Blog, revealing some new details.

Payton shows off some of the game’s locations, which are a mix of real-world locales and Marvel hotspots. The S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier, for instance, can be explored at length, as well as a decommissioned Stark Facility. You can also fly around Shanghai, dodging between buildings. You can also visit Tony’s armory in VR, investigating the Iron Man suit from outside of it.

Various combat and movement abilities are outlined, including the speed boost for faster movement, the rocket punch for melee damage, and the Unibeam, which charges up and can do huge damage. Iron Man can also do a ground pound, which is always a fun video game mechanic.

Payton says that Iron Man VR is a “deeply meaningful Tony Stark story,” and that the game is longer than they initially planned for. “We initially thought the campaign would span 4-5 hours, but based on recent playtest data, we’re pleasantly surprised that average playtimes are now roughly double that,” he says.

Several other Marvel characters will appear, including Nick Fury, Pepper Potts, Friday, and “a host of other characters we have yet to reveal,” Payton writes.

Iron Man is not the only major Marvel hero with a PlayStation game to look forward to in 2020–Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales is also coming to PS5.

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