Infinity Ward working on a fix for Call of Duty: Warzone’s nightmare bug

On Thursday, Infinity Ward tweeted that it’s working on an express fix for one of Call of Duty: Warzone’s most unsettling bugs.

Recently, players have run into bizarre visual bugs. For some reason, picking up or swapping to certain weapons causes gun textures to freak out. Polygons leap off the gun, creating a jumbled mess around it. In some cases, the textures from the gun wrap around the player, creating a blob of pointy, colorful triangles. In even more advanced cases, this bug creates a visual box around the player, turning them into a kind of glitchy cube.

This bug obviously makes enemies pretty difficult to spot, as seen in the clip above. This is ruining firefights for some players, and makes winning a much more frustrating experience than usual, as you have to fight both your opponent and the visual bug.

But the weapon bug also appears to hinder the visibility of the player using it.

We’re unsure how long this bug has plagued Warzone players, although the Aug. 11 patch earlier this week seems to have made it much more frequent.

According to Joe Cecot, co-design director for multiplayer at Infinity Ward, this solution will need its own patch — meaning the studio can’t quickly hotfix the issue. It’s currently unclear when Infinity Ward will provide a fix, or why the bug is happening in the first place.

We’ve reached out to Infinity Ward about the bug and the timing around a fix.

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