Hitman 3 Will Change How Elusive Targets Work And Is Cutting Competitive Multiplayer

Hitman III developer IO Interactive has outlined the modes coming to their assassin sequel, and if you’ve played the previous two games it’s a familiar list. However, one mode isn’t making the cut, and another will see some changes.

In a post on their website, IO Interactive has given us some further details on Hitman III. Elusive Targets will return, meaning that there will once again be time-limited unique targets that you’ll be able to track and eliminate as they pop up. However, the developer says that it is “making some changes to the Elusive Target formula,” which will be revealed “at a later date.” It’s unclear what this means, or whether we’ll have more than one chance to take down these targets in Hitman III.

Escalations, Contracts, and Sniper Assassin are all returning. Judging by IO’s descriptions, these modes will be largely the same as what we’ve already seen in previous games, although co-op will be cut from Sniper Assassin, making it a single-player only experience.

IO Interactive also reveals that both co-op Sniper Assassin and Ghost Mode in Hitman 2 are going to end server support before Hitman 3. Ghost Mode doesn’t have very long at all–it’ll be shuttered on August 31, meaning that the competitive mode will no longer be playable. The Phantom Suit, which you could unlock in this mode, will be added to Hitman 3 as a potential unlockable, but the method of earning it will have to change.

A time frame for co-op Sniper Assassin coming to an end has not been revealed yet, but the developer is working on a solution to the game having multiplayer trophies that are locked to this mode.

Hitman III will give you access to all levels from the previous two Hitman games (if you own them) when it releases on January 21, 2021. If you’re on PlayStation, you’ll also be able to play through the game in VR.

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