Good News: There's Footage Of A Dog In A Mo-Cap Suit Working On The Last Of Us Part 2

Players have had some time to play through The Last of Us Part II, and there’s been some division over whether it’s a new milestone for the PS4, a narrative masterclass, or a disappointment relative to player expectations. There’s been arguments about the game’s intent, its violence, and its characters. But there’s one thing we can all agree on–the dog they used for motion capture is a very good dog.

Jeremy Yates, the lead animator on The Last of Us Part II, has shared a short, slow-motion video of a dog–it looks like a border collie–doing a running jump in a motion-capture suit. Ironically, it looks to be the exact opposite of a Naughty Dog.

It’s been a long and difficult year, but the eight seconds you spend watching this video will be good.

It’s enough to make you feel bad for killing so many of the dogs in-game.

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