Ghost Of Tsushima Hiyoshi Springs Haiku: Where To Find The Hidden Haiku

Though they’re not essential to finishing the game or unlocking all the cool upgrades you can get in Ghost of Tsushima, some of the more interesting places to find in the game are its Haiku locations. There are 19 in total, and stopping by each one earns you a cosmetic headband to add to your collection of outfits for Jin Sakai. Haikus give you a chance to enjoy the scenery of Ghost of Tsushima in a quiet moment while you quickly compile a haiku poem about a specific concept.

Of all the Haiku locations in the game, the easiest to miss is the one developer Sucker Punch expects you to find first. That’s the Haiku spot near Hiyoshi Springs. If you find it, this first Haiku is meant to function as a tutorial for the rest of them, introducing you to the Haiku concept and showing you what such locations are like. But if you don’t explore around Hiyoshi, it might be the last Haiku you find. Here’s where to locate the Haiku spot and what you need to do to activate it.

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Hiyoshi Springs Haiku Location

To find the Haiku, head into the hills north of Hiyoshi Springs. Look for a man kneeling on a rock who will call out to you. This villager is a Haiku poet and he’ll give you a quick rundown on the art form. It’s a bit of a story moment that activates the Haiku’s availability.

Unlike other Haikus, the one near Hiyoshi Springs isn’t just a spot you discover on the map. Ghost of Tsushima expects you to head to Hiyoshi Springs pretty early in the game and to explore the area around it. You’ll find both your first Haiku and your first Hot Springs here if you look around.

After you find the villager, the Haiku location will appear on your map as normal–but you need to talk to the villager near the spot first. The rest of the locations are scattered around the map and discoverable by getting close to them. You can also use the Wind of Vanity upgrade in the samurai skill menu to take you to Haiku locations. It’s worth noting, however, that several Haikus are part of story quests. You’ll unlock two as part of the main story campaign, and one in Yuriko’s character tales.

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