Ghost Of Tsushima Guide: All 18 Hot Springs Locations

Exploring the Japanese island of Tsushima is a big part of the experience of becoming a samurai warrior in Ghost of Tsushima. While you’ll do usual open-world activities like liberating outposts, finding and visiting certain locations also increase your stats and abilities. Finding all 18 hot springs scattered around Tsushima is something you’ll want to prioritize–each one will give you a slight boost to Jin’s total health.

Here’s where to find every hot spring in Ghost of Tsushima to boost Jin’s health and help make yourself an even more indomitable warrior. Finding and using every hot spring will also unlock a special armor set, the Fundoshi.

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  • Izuhara
    • Hiyoshi Inn Hot Springs
    • Firefly Hill
    • Castle Lookout Hotspring
    • Rising Trees Hot Springs
    • Quiet Basin Hot Springs
  • Toyotama
    • Morning Glory Hot Spring
    • Seaside Hot Spring
    • Carved Mountain Hot Spring
    • Mountain View Hot Spring
    • Golden Leaf Hot Spring
    • Bamboo Forest Hot Spring
    • Maple Shade Hot Spring
    • Yoshinaka Hot Spring
    • Mossy Rest Hot Springs
    • Marsh Tide Hot Springs
    • Jito’s Foothills Hot Springs
    • Kamiagata
      • White Mist Hot Springs
      • Morimae Hot Springs
      • Fundoshi Armor Set
      • Izuhara

        Hiyoshi Inn Hot Springs

        The first hot spring you’ll find is in Hiyoshi Springs, where you’ll go for the Tale of Sensei Ishikawa in Act 1. Unlike the other hot springs, this one doesn’t have an icon on your map. Look for a woman in red near the springs, not far from the inn (you’ll need to talk to the innkeeper to find Ishikawa’s dojo). Speak to her and you can utilize the first hot spring in the game.

        Firefly Hill

        Head northeast from Old Woodsman’s Canopy between Komoda and Hiyoshi, almost straight west from Izuhara Clearing (but a little north).

        Castle Lookout Hotspring

        Straight south of Castle Kaneda a fairly long way in Hiyoshi, you’ll find this hot spring up in the cliffs overlooking the castle. It’s straight east of Fort Nakayama.

        Rising Trees Hot Springs

        Check just north of Archer’s Rise in Azamo.

        Quiet Basin Hot Springs

        You’ll find this one not far southeast of Azure Pond in Tsutsu.


        Morning Glory Hot Spring

        Once you’ve completed The Walls of Yarikawa tale in Act 2, you’ll gain access to Yarikawa Stronghold. Go north of the keep in the stronghold to find this hot spring, not far from the town.

        Seaside Hot Spring

        Look for this one on the southern coast of the Umugi region, east of the River Child’s Wetlands area.

        Carved Mountain Hot Spring

        Most hot springs are located up high with spectacular views, and that’s where you’ll find Carved Mountain Hot Spring. Head northwest from Shigenori’s Peak and climb into the cliffs to find it.

        Mountain View Hot Spring

        Head up the mountain at Winding Trail in Ariake, south of Golden Temple, to find this hot spring.

        Golden Leaf Hot Spring

        This is another one that’s very close to a town. It’s just east of Golden Temple, but as usual, this hot spring is atop a cliff.

        Bamboo Forest Hot Spring

        As the name suggests, you’ll find this hot spring in the vast bamboo forest south of Old Toyotama Hills in Kushi.

        Maple Shade Hot Spring

        In the Toyotama region, you’ll find Maple Shade Hot Spring just southwest from Fort Koyasan, and south of Shimura Cemetery.

        Yoshinaka Hot Spring

        In the western section of Yoshinaka, find this hot spring straight north from Ichi’s Inn and west of Mamushi Farmstead.

        Mossy Rest Hot Springs

        Just east and outside of Umugi Cove is this hot spring, on top of the cliffs that make up the gorge protecting the town.

        Marsh Tide Hot Springs

        Head to the Akashima coast and look on the peninsula east of Hakutaku Forest.

        Jito’s Foothills Hot Springs

        This hot spring rests on a mostly open field northeast of Castle Shimura, and just north of the mountain there. It’s easiest to reach by heading south from White Falls Village.


        White Mist Hot Springs

        Look for this hot spring south of Kin Village and East of Kubura Crossing in the region between Kubara and Kin, which you’ll reach in Act 3. White Mist Hot Springs is right along the road that runs east there.

        Morimae Hot Springs

        Go east of Morimae Brewery to the eastern coast of Kin to find Morimae Hot Spring.

        Fundoshi Armor Set

        If you find and use every hot spring in Tsushima, you’ll unlock a special set of attire: the Fundoshi, your hot springs outfit. This is more joke attire than anything, of course, but it does have one special benefit (other than the visuals if offers): it allows you to run and sprint silently. If you feel like streaking through Mongol camps (and running up right behind guys to assassinate them), give the Fundoshi a go.

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