Final Fantasy 14’s free trial will include the Heavensward expansion

Final Fantasy 14’s free trial will include all of the base game and the Heavensward expansion, starting on August 11, Square Enix announced Wednesday.

The free trial, which currently only includes up to level 35, will let players hit up to level 60 on as many jobs as they want, complete main scenario quests up until patch 3.56, and play locked jobs from Heavensward.

This means players can unlock Astrologian, Dark Knight, and Machinist for free. Free trial users will also be able to make Au’ra characters, a race that players previously needed to unlock by buying the Heavensward expansion.

All players who have the paid, base version of the game will also get a free upgrade to include the Heavensward expansion.


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Restrictions on things like marketboard usage has not been changed for free trial users, however. You’ll still need the full game in order to access certain features, but the development team did not detail which features would continue to be limited.

That all being said, the base game, A Realm Reborn, is also getting several quality of life updates to make completing the long story a smoother experience in the same patch.

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