New Hyper Scape Patch Will Nerf OP Weapons, Add Report Button

Ubisoft’s sci-fi take on the battle royale genre, Hyper Scape, hasn’t exactly set the world aflame so far, but this week’s new patch will make some much-requested changes to the game. As a patch preview video posted by Ubisoft Montreal reveals, the update will nerf several weapons, adjust controller aiming, and add some new features.

First, the update will reduce the clipsize of the Hexfire minigun and the overall damage of the Mammoth shotgun, since both of these weapons are widely-considered overpowered by the community at the moment. Second, the patch takes aim at the game’s controller support, giving players more options on how to adjust the acceleration and sensitivity of their sticks, as well as reducing the default sensitivity.

The patch also overhauls the game’s Crown Rush gamemode, making it harder to use movement options to escape your pursuers when you have the Crown. Ubisoft is adding some basic features to the game as well with this update, such as a player stats and a report button.

In GameSpot’s Hyper Scape review, critic Jordan Ramée opined that while the game has a wealth of interesting ideas, the execution of those concepts leaves a lot to be desired. “Hyper Scape is an okay battle royale game,” they wrote. “The game has solid weapons and hero-like Hack abilities, but you’re at the mercy of being lucky enough to get what you need to have a higher chance of winning…At least the individual moments in Hyper Scape are fun. A match could be ruined by the randomness working against you, but that doesn’t stop moments like turning into a ball and trying to out bounce three enemy balls any less fun in how ridiculously silly it is.”

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