Hyper Scape Update Adds New Guns, Hacks, And More; Full Patch Notes Detailed

Now that Ubisoft’s sci-fi battle royale Hyper Scape is in open beta on PC, the publisher has rolled out a new update for the game. Update version 0.3 for Hyper Scape makes a number of changes, including adding new equipment and game events, fixing bugs, and more. The full patch notes are outlined below.

Among the many changes made to Hyper Scape, this update adds some new equipment to the mix. This includes the Harpy, a fast and nimble SMG that deals massive damage at short range. In addition to the Harpy, you will also find a new hack laying around the battlefield: Shockwave. It’s an area-of-effect ability similar to the Slam hack but does a bit less damage and pushes back enemy players in all directions. If you aim Shockwave at your feet, it will propel you into the air, allowing for greater versatility while in-game.

Elsewhere in the update, Ubisoft has added a new game event called Haste that you can initiate through the Twitch Crowncast extension. If chosen, Haste will boost the movement speed of everyone in-game, even those Echoed players (players who are revived to rejoin the fight). There are also new game modes, changes to events and systems, adjustments to the speed of weapon swapping, and more. You can see the full patch notes below.

Full Hyper Scape Version 0.3 Patch Notes


  • New: Harpy
    • SMG with a large damage output at short range, limited magazine, and fast reload speed.
  • Changed: Salvo
    • Proximity detonation radius reduced to 0.7R, down from 0.9R
    • Hacks

      • New: Shockwave
        • Ranged AoE that pushes players away, does a bit less damage than Slam, and offers traversal capabilities.

        Game Events

        • New: Haste
          • A new Game Event has been added for Twitch Viewers through the Crowncast Extension: The Haste Event. Once chosen by viewers it will boost the navigation speed of all Contenders for a while. It is cumulative with any other speed boost given by Melee or any other ability and will affect Echoed Players as well.
          • Haste is Viewers-exclusive: It can only be chosen by Viewers that are watching the match with the Crowncast extension.
        • Changed: Low Gravity
          • Low Gravity Game Event duration reduced to 35s, down from 50s
          • Game Mode and Systems

            • New: Crown Rush Solo Mode
              • Many of you enjoyed playing Solo Neo Arcadia during the Dark Haze limited event of the Technical Test. Here now is Crown Rush Solo, the 100-player Solo version of our Crown Rush Battle Royale! Crown Rush Solo now joins Crown Rush Squad as one of Hyper Scape’s standard game modes.
              • The rules are unchanged, including the Crown. If you decide to go for it, you’ll have to defend yourself alone!
            • Changed: Showdown
              • Collapsed Sector damage is now x5 during Showdown.
              • Changed: Crown
                • Crown bearer now has a global Hack Cooldown Time increase of +33%.
                • Ammo

                  • Only 4 Ammo pickups are now necessary to reach max ammo capacity, down from 6 pickups.

                  Weapon Swap

                  • The Weapon Swap hold timer has been reduced to 0.5s, down from 0.8s.

                  Crowncast Twitch Extension

                  • New: Battle Pass Progression on Twitch
                    • Viewers on Twitch will now be able to progress their Battle Pass simply by watching their favorite streamers! If you’re watching Hyper Scape streams that have activated the Crowncast extension and you have linked your Uplay account, you will be able to claim Battle Points at the end of each match. Thanks to the Crowncast version of our in-game scoring system, the more you watch & interact with the game, the more points you’ll get. Battle Points and all items unlocked will be available as soon as you return to Hyper Scape.
                    • We have set a daily cap to the maximum amount of Battle Points you can get by watching on Twitch, to ensure playing the game remains the best way of leveling up. However, we will closely monitor this cap & the points gained to make sure it feels rewarding to watch Hyper Scape on Twitch.
                    • Important Note for Console Players: While Open Beta is only available on PC, you can make use of the Crowncast Battle Pass progression to unlock all the items contained in the OB Battle Pass, which will be available on your account when we release on Console, thanks to our cross-progression system. So, go watch streamers on Twitch and unlock all the exclusive Open beta rewards!
                  • New: Streamer Squad Invitation
                    • Thanks to the Crowncast extension, streamers can now invite viewers directly into their 3-player squad with a few easy clicks. If you’re watching a Hyper Scape stream, the streamer can send you an invite. If you’re logged into the game, you can accept that invitation and if confirmed by streamer you will join their squad instantly! No need to use the Uplay friend interface at all!
                    • Progression

                      • New Content to Unlock:
                        • New free Battle Pass with 30 tiers, including cosmetic only and exclusive items that players will keep after the Open Beta.
                          • This BP includes Twitch Prime rewards – you need to be a Twitch Prime member to unlock these.
                        • Daily Shop is now open! Any content purchased during Open Beta will of course remain in your inventory at full launch.
                        • Anti-Cheat

                          • Hardware IO Ban
                            • Starting with this Open Beta, any user BattlEye detects to be using game hacks or cheat programs will have their Ubisoft account automatically banned from the game, and their PC will also receive a Hardware ID Ban to prevent them returning to the Hyper Scape with another account.

                            Other Improvements