Halo Infinite — Listen To Another Song From The OST By The Game's Third Composer

Halo Infinite will have not one but three different composers who are collaborating on the game to create music, and now they have all been announced. Joel Corelitz is the third and final composer to be announced for the game; he joins Gareth Coker and Curtis Schweitzer.

Developer 343 Industries announced his involvement in a blog post where they also shared a brand-new track from Corelitz that will be featured on Halo Infinite’s OST, “Through the Trees.”

Halo Infinite is just the latest huge game project for Corelitz, as he previously composed the music for Death Stranding alongside Ludvig Forsell.


Corelitz explained on the Halo Waypoint blog that he was approached by 343’s music supervisor, Joel Yarger, who was looking to add “some different flavors” to Halo Infinite’s music. Corelitz is known for creating music that fuses modern synthesizer sounds with orchestral music, and this shines through in the “Through the Trees” track.

The Halo franchise is known for its music, and Corelitz said it was a challenge to incorporate his own new ideas while paying homage to the music that came before it.

“Figuring out where my own music sensibilities complement Halo’s established sensibilities was a process–almost like learning a new subset of music theory,” he said. “I had to learn Halo’s musical rules so well that they became instinctive.”

Corelitz said he’s been a fan of Halo since the start of the series, and he feels a sense of pride to be able to work on Halo Infinite. “I know and love its music as a player. Being able to pull from Halo’s rich musical identity as a composer–to integrate its themes and express them in my voice was a new experience and a real honor,” he said.

The music Corelitz wrote for Halo Infinite is meant to reflect Master Chief’s personality.

“He’s always calm, confident, and never rattled,” Corelitz said. “And the music reflects that. It’s positive, inspiring, open. We’re often asking the orchestra to play very softly and the choir to sing very quietly. And if it ever gets moody, or more intense there’s a very significant reason for it, and that makes it much more impactful.”

Halo Infinite was originally expected to be a launch title for the Xbox Series X, but Microsoft recently delayed the game to 2021 due in part to complications related to working from home during the pandemic.

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