Fall Guys Season 2 Is Live

[Update: Fall Guys Season 2 has arrived. The news was shared on the game’s official Twitter page. The start of the season was teased prior to its actual launch.]

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Season 2 was shown off recently, and now we know when to expect it to begin. The studio has announced that Fall Guys Season 2 starts later today, October 8. In the meantime, you can score some extra points.

Developer Mediatonic announced the news in a tweet, which tied the upcoming season to Halloween with mention of a curse. The theme of the season isn’t explicitly around the spooky holiday, though. As previously announced, it is themed around “epic quests.” That means a giant castle setting and costumes like a dragon, knight, Viking, wizard, and witch costumes.

Mediatonic is currently working on a login bug, but it is currently updating the game with a fix. Players have been fibbing about being able to get into Season 2, but it has not begun yet. Those who try to access it early may see the “login failed” message.

Meanwhile, YouTube Gaming has announced that it will host a Fall Guys Season 2 charity event with a $100,000 prize going to United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF). That will begin at 11 AM PT on Friday, October 9. The company said it will debut the new content like new costumes, emotes, and levels. It will be livestreamed on the official Fall Guys channel and feature streamers like AyChristine, CouRage, ItsFunneh, JeromeASF, Jazzyguns, KreekCraft, and Logdotzip.

During his appearance at Gamescom, Fall Guys lead designer Joe Walsh thanked fans for the game’s success and promised much more content in the works following season 2. A mobile version of Fall Guys is in the works in China, but other than that we haven’t heard word of it coming to other platforms.

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