Destroy The World To Plan The Perfect Heist In New Teardown Trailer

During Gamescom Opening Night Live 2020, we got a new trailer for Teardown, a previously announced game developed by Tuxedo Labs. The game is all about pulling off the perfect heist in the most destructive way possible.

As seen in the trailer, Teardown is divided into two phases. The first phase sees you destroy environments in any way you see fit. You can drive trucks through walls, shoot out windows, position a plank so that it acts as a bridge between two rooftops, and so on. The goal is to shape the environment to your needs, creating a path between the many points on the map you’ll need to travel to for your heist.

The heist itself is the second phase. Upon tripping the first alarm, you must make a mad dash to deactivate all the alarms along the route you created in the first phase. Hopefully you destroyed the world in a way that makes traversal fairly simple with Teardown’s first-person perspective.

Teardown looks to be a game designed with replayability in mind. With environments that can be destroyed in any number of ways, the only limit to pulling off a more efficient heist seems to be the range of your imagination. Teardown is scheduled to release for PC in early access in 2020.

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