Destiny 2 Red-Hot Iron Quest Guide: Get The Forward Path And Fool's Remedy Fast

The Iron Banner has returned to Destiny 2 for the first time in the Season of Arrivals, and with it comes a new quest to unlock two re-issued weapons. They are The Forward Path, an auto rifle, and The Fool’s Remedy, a sidearm, and both are worth adding to your collection. To get them, you’ll need to complete the new Red-Hot Iron quest from Lord Saladin in the Tower.

The quest requires some grinding to get the guns, but it’s actually really quick. There’s only one step–here’s how to knock out Red-Hot Iron quickly and efficiently.

Old Reliables

Defeat opponents with Sidearms (25) and Auto Rifles (25).

This step is just your standard kill-getter, but your choice of guns will help. First, you want to try to earn precision kills for quicker progress. For auto rifles, guns like SUROS Regime, Hard Light, and Gnawing Hunger are favorites that’ll get the job done pretty quickly. Sidearms are more of a dealer’s choice situation, but three-round burst models like Last Hope or full-auto options are pretty solid, and the charged-up shot of Devil’s Ruin can be effective as well.

The trick with earning kills with sidearms is not to rely on them. The guns can sometimes be reliable kill-getters, but more often than not, you’ll want to soften your target up with your primary weapon and the switch to your sidearm to finish them off–primary weapons like grenade launchers are great for this. It’s also effective to run in groups with your teammates, letting them whittle down targets so you can hit them with your sidearm for the assisted final blow.

Return to Lord Saladin when you’ve racked up all your kills. The good news is that you’ll get all the rewards in one go when you turn in the quest, including both weapons. You might want to turn in tokens for packages with Saladin once you have the guns unlocked, as you can get random rolls for both The Forward Path and The Fool’s Remedy.

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