Death Stranding PC Launch Trailer Shows Off The Game's Visual Upgrade

Death Stranding is coming to PC on July 14, and at the time of writing a Steam/Epic Games Store release is just 12 hours away. The PC version is being published by 505 Games, and they’ve released a launch trailer to go over the improvements coming in the PC version, and to introduce some elements of the game to new players.

The trailer mixes together cutscenes and cinematic gameplay footage to capture the game’s tone and some of its performances, and it shows off the game at 4K, presented in Ultrawide. It also shows off the game’s new Very Hard difficulty setting and Half-Life collaborative items. It’s also seems to be more-or-less spoiler free.

You can get the PC version of Death Stranding for free with certain Nvidia cards, which is a great deal if you want to upgrade your PC for RTX. If you’re not sure if your PC can handle the game, check out the minimum and recommended specs. The PC version will be able to achieve frame rates above 100fps.

GameSpot has gone hands-on with the PC version of Death Stranding ahead of release, and came away impressed. “The quality of Death Stranding’s PC port can speak to how Sony’s first-party exclusives can get another lease on life on a new platform for a different audience,” wrote critic Michael Higham.

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