Crusader Kings 3’s first expansion lets you hang out with a bear

Crusader Kings 3’s first major expansion is coming soon, and it’s all about your seat of power. Royal Court allows medieval rulers to hang out in a 3D throne room, meet with their courtiers, and hire bards to sing epic tales.

Royal Court fleshes out one of Crusader Kings 3’s most intriguing elements — managing your home base. Players have to deal with unruly vassals and rebellions, hold feasts, seduce lords, and ferret out secrets. Sometimes, the stories that take place in the player’s own royal hall are far more compelling than anything that happens over foreign borders.

Therefore, it makes sense that Royal Court turns your throne room into a much more tangible place that players can decorate, show off, and fill with fun entertainment like woodworkers or, uh, angry bears.

The Royal Court expansion will also introduce hybrid cultures and new ways for cultures to develop and diverge over the years, allowing rulers to make new ways of life for their kingdoms and empires. A previous, smaller scale expansion in March added winter weather and Norse invasions.

Crusader Kings 3: Royal Court will launch later in 2021.

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