Carrion, The Reverse-Horror Monster Game, Will Launch Later This Month

Carrion’s release date has been revealed during the Devolver Digital Direct stream, and like a hideous monster stalking the ceiling grate above you while you monologue with tremendous hubris about how this room is the only safe area in the facility, it’s much closer than you might think.

Carrion will launch for Switch, Xbox One, and PC on July 23. A demo is available on Steam right now. A physical edition will come to Switch eventually, too.

GameSpot has an exclusive look at the first 25 minutes of the game, which you can watch in the video above. Tread with caution if you’re easily grossed out, though.

The release date trailer, below, should give you some idea of what to expect–you’re a mess of viscera and tentacles, and you’ll be causing a lot of havoc as you escape from the facility you’re trapped in.

Carrion was first revealed in 2018, and has been pitched as a “reverse horror” game.

During the Devolver Digital Direct, we also got updates on Serious Sam 4, Fall Guys, and Weird West.

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