Capcom Releases Survey On Resident Evil Village, Asks Questions About Direction Of Game

We still don’t know much about the mysterious Resident Evil Village, but Capcom has released a survey asking fans for their opinions about the new entry in the horror franchise. It asks many questions that are typical for video game questionnaires, such as ranking your favorite entries in the Resident Evil series, but it also has some pointed questions about fans’ perception of Village.

While we don’t know for sure, this may indicate that Capcom is rethinking whether or not to make Village the official Resident Evil 8, as has been debated in certain quarters over the past months. Other questions in the survey ask what players are looking forward to the most about Village, with particular focus on whether or not fans are excited for another game in the style of Resident Evil 7.

As its official website indicates, Resident Evil Village is a direct follow-up to Resident Evil 7, featuring that game’s protagonist Ethan Winters and longtime fan favorite Chris Redfield. Considered a return to the series’ horror roots, RE7 was particularly acclaimed by critics, especially compared to RE6, which received mixed reviews.

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