Call Of Duty: Warzone Train — Dev Has "Lots Of Ideas" For It

One of the most notable new additions to the Call of Duty: Warzone Verdansk map has been the freight train, which came to the game in Season 5. Players and teams can climb aboard the train to find loot, and the train has proven to be a popular (and fun) place for skirmishes.

Getting the train into the game was Infinity Ward’s first step in building out additional features for it. In the future, developer Infinity Ward is looking to add more possibilities focused around the train. It could be used in the future to pay homage to some classic train scenes from action films.

“We have lots of ideas around [the train],” multiplayer director Joe Cecot told Red Bull. “We wanted to get it in there in Season Five and have it be a fun thing to interact with, where you have a lot of movie moments of vehicles chasing trains, people fighting over the train, [that sort of thing].”

Cecot went on to tease that Infinity Ward has a “bunch of ideas around how to use the train for different games modes,” but he didn’t share any concrete details. Based on a leak, we do know Warzone is likely adding subway stations at some point in a future update.

As it happens, the train was updated at roughly the same time that Apex Legends’ Season 6 update halted its train. Both games continue to introduce and change content on a regular basis, much like Fortnite.

For his part, Raven Software creative director Amos Hodge said the developer is working on “lots of ideas to update the train in general.” Along the same lines, the studio wants to add even more “interactive elements” to keep Warzone feeling fresh. It recently had a scavenger hunt of sorts as players raced to uncover clues related to Black Ops Cold War, which will release in November.

“Everyone has so many ideas on how to make the train better, so many mechanics and game modes,” he said. “We’re definitely talking about all that stuff, reading Reddit and seeing suggestions and everyone’s just excited about it. Not only the train but we’ve been excited to get more interactive elements in the map like that, to make the map feel more alive.”

Players have discovered that the train in Warzone cannot be stopped, no matter how much stuff you put in front of it. It’s exciting to think about what Infinity Ward may do next to update the Warzone meta with something new for the train specifically.

It has been a big month for Call of Duty, as Warzone’s Season 5 Reloaded update recently came out, while Activision officially announced Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. That reveal actually happened within Warzone, and the game will be updated with content from Black Ops Cold War in the future. This is a shift from the approach taken in Black Ops 4, where the Blackout mode was within the game itself.

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