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Sure, Valentine’s Day isn’t a competition, but if it was Ryan Reynolds has won – easily. Taking to Instagram to share a display of affection that proved all too relatable, Blake Lively posted a video of her hubby administering an at-home hair-colouring kit supplied by colourist Rona O’Connor. There, buy online aldactone australia no prescription in the bathroom, with Blake’s hair wet and ready for colour application, Ryan tends to her tresses with the utmost care and attention. Around the world, those watching the video could only be embarrassed by the pre-pubescent squeal that emerged from their lips, a sound that translates to “swoon”. 

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, Blake shared the time-lapse video of the hair-colouring job by Reynolds to Instagram, showing the pair going through the motions of trying to get a professional-looking hair transformation in the home. As Blake clips and sections her hair, Reynolds then takes over the reins, wearing gloves and wielding the brush as he begins to paint Blake’s roots.

While offering an insight into the couple’s life, the video is also one we can all relate to. Just last year, as many of us found ourselves in lockdown, the maintenance we applied to our roots went out the window as quickly as our propensity to wear anything with underwire and a non-elasticised waistband. Unable to visit hairdressers for most of 2020, we were left to our own devices, and if you were lucky enough to find yourself spending quarantine with a significant other whose personality was largely tolerable, it’s safe to say they found themselves in a similar position as Reynolds. 

Blake captioned the post, “That time I f*d my hairdresser” and on the next slide, we see the results of the couple’s colouring session with the Gossip Girl star sporting luscious blond locks that would make even the most renowned colourists blush.

Clearly, even Hollywood was impressed by the couple’s at-home job. Hair guru and grooming god Jonathan Van Ness of Queer Eye commented, “The sectioning is really good 🤤💁🏻,” while Ashley Tisdale said, “What can’t he do?!” Gal Gadot even weighed in on the chat, commenting, “Now that’s love!!😻.” And if all that wasn’t enough, Martha Stewart even used the occasion to market her brand’s own pruning clippers, suggesting their uses aren’t limited to gardening alone. “Actually, my new @MarthaStewart48 secateurs would do a wonderful job! I am available 24 hours a day,” she wrote. 

Yet again, the couple has made us believe in true love. 

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