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Apple cider vinegar: Surprising ways to use health product

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Apple cider vinegar has been used for centuries as a natural health remedy for numerous medical conditions. One of the reported benefits of ACV is improving the quality of your skin. You can make a simple face wash at home to protect your skin from harmful bacteria.

The vinegar itself is made from fermented apple cider, which encourages the production of specific health-boosting enzymes and probiotics.

There are reportedly more than 30 different health benefits to regularly taking apple cider vinegar.

Some of the most common benefits include boosting weight loss diet plans, protecting against high cholesterol, and even regulating blood sugar levels.

But you could also use apple cider vinegar as a daily face wash to protect your skin.

An apple cider vinegar face wash is a very easy DIY skincare recipe, according to nutritionist Eleesha Lockett.

Washing your face with the vinegar helps to get rid of excess bacteria and oil, it said.

It also provides a natural alternative to harsh soaps or chemicals.

All that you’ll need is a quarter cup (60ml) of warm water, and a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. Combine the two ingredients, and give it a good mix.

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“If you’re familiar with the world of skincare, you may already be aware of the many ways people use apple cider vinegar, lexapro response ” she wrote for medical website Healthline

“Washing your face daily can help to remove oil, dirt, and other debris.

“The best way to get your skin as clean as a whistle is to use a face wash or cleanser.

“When used as a facial cleanser, apple cider vinegar is an effective way to cleanse the skin of bacteria and debris.”

Some people have also claimed that apple cider vinegar is an effective treatment for spots.

The vinegar is a natural antibacterial, so it might prevent spots from developing in the future.

Simply soak a cotton bud or piece of cotton wool in apple cider vinegar.

Dab the affected area with the cotton bud/wool, and leave it to soak in.

But if you have particularly sensitive skin, you should avoid using apple cider vinegar for skincare, it warned.

Meanwhile, some people regularly drink apple cider vinegar for its health benefits.

Drinking one or two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar each day has been claimed to improve weight loss diet plans.

You might want to dilute the vinegar in a glass of water, however, so it’s more palatable.

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