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Boots answers common questions about the coronavirus vaccine

Vaccine trials allow pharmaceutical companies and researchers to confirm the effectiveness of their jab candidates. Although several promising vaccines have now emerged, other companies remain in the throes of development, now poised to deliver other successful candidates. As such, people will have the chance to sign up and become a trial volunteer.

Can you still volunteer for vaccine trials?

Vaccine trials aim to test the safety and efficacy of a jab before medical bodies licence it.

They require people to receive a candidate in four distinct phases, each designed to measure different populations and effects.

Scientists often seek out diverse populations for testing, bactrim milk recruited through research portals.

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In the UK, the National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) serves as a go-between for researchers and willing participants.

Their website includes listings for various open clinical trials which people can use to sign up.

They aren’t just limited to vaccines, as the NIHR also recruits for drug trials, and non-Covid medicines.

People can either sign up to receive alerts for available studies or use their search function to find one they have already seen.

The NIHR lists the following vaccine trials as currently looking for volunteers:

  • Comparing COVID-19 Vaccine Schedule Combinations (Com-COV) Study
  • The PROVENT Study
  • Valneva Study
  • Janssen COVID-19 Study

People can find the links to each study and more information via the NIHR study page here.

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Do vaccine studies pay?

Clinics get to decide whether or not they pay participants for their time.

Rates for participation will vary, given some people may be asked to do more than others.

Rates could range from hundreds to thousands of pounds depending on what researchers require of their participants.

Doctors, nurses or other staff holding the trial should make people aware of what they require.

Each phase of a study will ask for a different population of people.

For example, early phase one or phase two studies will need healthy people to test for side effects.

Later on in phases two and three, they may need ill or at-risk people to test more specific data.

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