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KHN freelancer Jim Robbins discussed unhealthy ozone levels in the West on KUNC’s “Colorado Edition” on Tuesday.

  • Click here to hear Robbins on “Colorado Edition”
  • Read Robbins’ “Western Boom Cities See Spike in Harmful Ozone“

Christina Jewett, a senior correspondent with KHN’s enterprise team, detailed her findings on the spread of covid-19 in hospitals on KGO’s “The Chip Franklin Show” on Nov. 4, and on KCBS on Nov. 5.

  • Click here to hear Jewett on “The Chip Franklin Show”
  • Click here to hear Jewett on KCBS
  • Read Jewett’s “Patients Went Into the Hospital for Care. After Testing Positive There for Covid, Some Never Came Out.“

KHN senior correspondent and enterprise reporter Liz Szabo discussed whether giving 5- to 11-year-olds covid vaccines at pediatricians’ offices would help clear up vaccine myths on Sirius XM’s “Doctor Radio Reports” on Oct. 26.

  • Click here to hear Szabo on “Doctor Radio Reports”

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