The icon for Carrion on Nintendo Switch is … a choice

You may not realize it, but some people really care about the icons on Nintendo Switch. If a beloved game has a bad icon, there’s often a community campaign to ensure that the icon is updated by the developer.

It makes sense. No one wants to stare at some giant, ugly artwork every time they go to boot up a game, especially for a game that they’re particularly fond of.

This story from Nintendo Life highlights some of the larger icon changes, with some games (like Snake Pass and SteamWorld Dig 2) getting three different icons over the years.


Carrion is a body horror masterpiece

But there’s one icon that can never and should never change, and it’s the icon for Carrion. The body horror game inspired by The Thing, released Thursday, has players controlling a giant tentacle monster as it rampages through a military base. This is what the icon looks like:

Image: Phobia Game Studio/Devolver Digital

Look, I get it, it’s supposed to be the monster in Carrion. But it also looks like, well, something else. Am I going to say what that other thing is? No, I’ll let you decide. And after deciding, look inward and ask yourself what that decision says about you.


How does Carrion run on Nintendo Switch?

All that said, after reaching out to publisher Devolver Digital for comment on the choice imagery, we received word from a representative that Carrion’s Switch icon is scheduled to be changed after launch week, so enjoy it while you can, people. Whatever it is.

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