Secret Animal Crossing Villager Discovered In Nintendo Leak

Animal Crossing has had hundreds of villagers throughout its history, but there can never be enough cute and cuddly creatures in the world. The major Nintendo leak just uncovered a villager that’s never been seen before. Meet Cat13.

Discovered by Matthew Lombardo (Twitter user lombTV), Cat13 was found in the files of the major leak. They include various models for the furry villager that display different emotions the NPC showcases in-game. Lombardo also tweeted out a photo of what the villager would look like you encountered them in your town.

Lombardo found Cat13’s files, along with files of other characters, in a folder named “OLD_NPC.” He believes they are from an early prototype of the original Animal Crossing game–a prototype that didn’t look anything like the game that launched in 2001. It had dungeons instead of forests.

“During our original planning phase the field we planned was incredibly large and split into 4,” said Nintendo’s Hisashi Nogami in an interview. “There would be 4 different islands – one for each of the 4 seasons, and each island would have small dungeons that you would adventure in. Of course, something so large wouldn’t possibly fit, so we thought fine–let’s make it one.”

The huge leak has led to a number of interesting tidbits of information. We found development files for models of Luigi in Super Mario 64 and major design changes for both The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask.

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