Pokemon: What You Get For Completing The Isle Of Armor Pokedex

The Isle of Armor–the setting of Pokemon Sword and Shield’s first expansion–is home to more than 100 returning Pokemon not found in mainland Galar. When you first arrive, you’ll be given a separate, island-specific Pokedex with which to catalog all of the newly added monsters, and some nice rewards await if you can catch ’em all. Here’s what you get for completing the Pokedex. Isle of Armor spoilers follow.

Isle Of Armor Pokedex Rewards

After you catalog all 210 Pokemon in the Isle of Armor Pokedex, you’ll need to return to the Armor Station in the Fields of Honor and speak with the scientist who first gave it to you. Show her the completed Pokedex and you’ll receive a certificate commemorating your achievement, along with a couple of neat rewards.

First is the Replica Gold Crown, which your trainer will be able to wear in place of a hat. On top of that, you’ll receive the Mark Charm. This increases the likelihood that you’ll encounter marked Pokemon. These marks are displayed alongside Ribbons on the Pokemon’s summary screen and give that monster a special title when you send it out into battle. You can take a look at the rewards below.

There’s more to do around the Isle of Armor besides completing your Pokedex. You can also upgrade the Master Dojo with new amenities and teach Pokemon how to Gigantamax. On top of that, there’s a big sidequest that involves tracking down 150 lost Alolan Diglett, and you’ll receive free Alolan Pokemon for finding them.

In addition to all the returning Pokemon, the Isle of Armor expansion introduces a few new monsters as well, including Galarian Slowbro and the Legendary Kubfu, which can evolve into either Single Strike or Rapid Strike Urshifu. Here’s everything you need to know about how to evolve Kubfu and which form is better.

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