Pokemon Lost Diglett Rewards: What You Get For Finding Every Alolan Diglett In Isle Of Armor

Pokemon Sword and Shield’s Isle of Armor expansion has arrived. The centerpiece of the DLC is a new storyline centered around the Legendary Pokemon Kubfu, but that’s not all there is to do on the island; there’s also a lengthy sidequest that involves tracking down Alolan Diglett.

Shortly after you arrive on the Isle of Armor, you’ll meet a hiker who asks you to search for his missing Alolan Diglett. These are hidden in the ground all around the various areas of the Isle of Armor. You’ll need keep your eyes peeled to find them, as the Diglett can be pretty tricky to spot, but you’ll know when you’ve found one when you see their three little hairs sticking out of the ground.

There are 150 Alolan Diglett in total to find, and you’ll receive a reward each time you hit a particular milestone. These rewards typically come in the form of Alolan Pokemon, but you can also get one of the Gen 7 starters and a Kantonian Slowpoke for your troubles. You can see all the rewards and the number of Diglett you need to find to get them below:

No. of Alolan DiglettReward
5Alolan Meowth
10Kantonian Slowpoke
20Alolan Vulpix
30Alolan Sandshrew
40Alolan Raichu
50Alolan Marowak
75Alolan Exeggutor
100Rowlet (if you started with Grookey); Litten (if you started with Scorbunny); or Popplio (if you started with Sobble)
150Alolan Diglett

The Isle of Armor also introduces a few other new features to Sword and Shield, including a way to teach Pokemon to Gigantamax. If you feed a compatible Pokemon a dish called Max Soup, the Pokemon will gain the ability to Gigantamax, but you’ll first need to find Max Mushrooms to make it. If you need help, check out our guide on how to teach Pokemon to Gigantamax.

If you purchase the Sword and Shield Expansion Pass before August 31, you’ll also be entitled to a special early purchase bonus: trainer items based on Leon’s cap and tights. Here’s how to claim them. Just make sure you buy the right Expansion Pass for your game.

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