Breath Of The Wild-Inspired Game Lets You Rebuild Its Version Of Hyrule Castle

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild sent players on dozens of quests to help protect Hyrule from Ganon. Players had hoped they’d get the chance to rebuild Castle Town, one of the main locations across the Zelda series, once they finished the game’s main quest line, but they never got the chance. Holomento, an upcoming RPG, wants to give players the chance to rebuild its in-game castle town. It’s not Hyrule, but players can use their imagination.

“I’ve always wanted to rebuild/upgrade Hyrule Castle in Breath of the Wild and I figured it would be fun to try something similar in my game,” said game developer Sean Weech in a Reddit post. “Once you clear the central castle dungeon in the game, you will have the opportunity to upgrade various parts of the castle by removing boulders, replanting trees and more.”

Holomento is an upcoming third-person RPG developed by Weech. It’s scheduled to launch in 2021 and is currently in a closed alpha.

Breath of the Wild fans have wanted to go back and rebuild a war torn Hyrule since the open-world adventure launched in 2017. They envisioned a bustling Castle Town much bigger and livelier than the one in Ocarina of Time. They were hoping Breath of the Wild DLC would address their desire–but it never happened.

Nintendo did give players a glimpse of what Castle Town looked like before Calamity Ganon destroyed it in one of Breath of the Wild’s memory segments. Players wanted a chance to help bring that version of the location to the game by completing missions similar to the Tarrey Town quests that let you build a settlement on a small part of the map. Players still hope something like this will come with the Breath of the Wild sequel that was announced at E3 2019.

“I’m so glad they decided to add that into the memory. It gave at least a little taste of what pre-calamity Hyrule was like, for those of us that were desperate to see,” said Redditor cacio0. “You can even see some people walking around the street.”

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