Biomutant Collector's Edition Is Mysteriously Cheap Right Now For PS4

Experiment 101’s upcoming action-RPG Biomutant doesn’t have a release date yet, but we recently learned that it’s nearing completion. If you’re looking forward to the post-apocalyptic game filled with kung fu adept cats, Amazon has an enticing pre-order offer for PS4. Biomutant’s $120 Collector’s edition is currently slashed to $60 on PS4, which is the same price as the standard edition.

Biomutant’s Collector’s edition comes with a statue of the game’s cat hero, a fabric poster, and the official soundtrack. If you were planning on pre-ordering the game on PS4 anyway, now’s your chance to nab these goodies while paying the standard edition price.

Biomutant was originally announced back in 2017 and has been delayed multiple times since. For those who need a refresher: It’s an open-world action-RPG with martial arts-inspired melee combat, big swords, and guns. The game’s mutation system will let you alter your cat’s genetic makeup throughout the game, which will change both your appearance and abilities, requiring you to tinker with your gear to find the best possible build. We don’t know much about the story, other than the fact that the world was destroyed by an oil flood, and now everything is a mess.

In addition to PS4, Biomutant will release on Xbox One and PC. The bizarre pre-order discount on PS4 isn’t the first we’ve seen today. Watch Dogs Legion, the highly anticipated open-world adventure from Ubisoft, is currently available to pre-order for $40 on PS4 at Amazon.

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