Apex Legends Is Teaseing A New Character And Map Right Now

Apex Legends Season 5 has seen developer Respawn try to tell the ongoing story of the game in a new way, with weekly single-player quests and accompanying lore drops revealing more about the world. Season 5’s final single-player quest is live now, and it’s available to anyone who has collected 45 Treasure Packs over the course of the season. Most interestingly, its conclusion could tease a new character, named Ash, as well as a new map in Season 6.

During a mission that unlocks after completing the final Quest, you’ll walk into a vault and see the character below, who’s believed to be Ash, a simulacrum pilot and antagonist from Titanfall 2. She first appeared in Apex Legends during the Season 4 cinematic launch trailer. You’ll find her headless, but you’ll be able to approach and replace her head, seemingly bringing her back to life. By showing up in the flesh (such as it is), this may tease her arrival as a playable character.

Alongside this, players are treated to a dialogue exchange between Lifeline and Octane, which you can read below. Toward the end, Lifeline mentions, “If we go to Olympus.” Olympus is the name of a city on Psamathe, which was first teased as a future map in Apex Legends just prior to the start of Season 4.

These remain simple hints for the time being, but with Season 6 on the way fairly soon–Season 5 has only a few weeks of challenges left, and no more Quests–we should begin to get a clearer picture of what’s coming soon.

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