Animal Crossing's Roald Got A Job At Walmart, Apparently

In another example of the absurdity that comes from brands tweeting like people, Walmart has apparently just offered Animal Crossing: New Horizons villager Roald a job. While the partnership likely would never be approved by Nintendo officially, it’s a sweet moment for fans of this popular little penguin.

The initial tweet came from popular Roald fan account @AC_Roald, featuring the penguin villager kitted out in a Walmart employee’s vest. The official Walmart account soon replied with a picture of Roald’s very own employee name badge, greeting him with his own signature phrase.

While the Walmart Canada Gaming account seems to interact with AC_Roald fairly often–which is where the image of Roald in a Walmart uniform originated–this looks like the first time the company’s main Twitter account has acknowledged the penguin jock. Though some fans seem to think Roald deserves a better place of employment, others still appreciate the wholesome interaction.

In actual Walmart news, the shopping chain will be requiring all shoppers to wear masks or be denied entry to its stores from Monday July 20. Hopefully Roald will be able to fit one over his beak.

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