You Can Play GTA 3 On PS Vita Now, Thanks To Modders

Some dedicated streamers have been hard at work bringing GTA 3 to the PS Vita, and have wound up with a pretty good looking port.

No matter how many new and impressive games developers offer up, there will forever be a demand for old games to be ported to newer consoles or, better yet, remade or remastered. It’s why Xbox has placed such an onus on making sure the Series X and Series S are fully backwards compatible. It was confirmed earlier this week that every game playable on Xbox One can be played on the next-gen consoles.

There’s only so much work developers can do, of course, and most of their efforts will be focused on new projects. There might not be a belief that a remastered version of an old game will garner enough interest. That means in a lot of cases, bringing titles from the past into the present is left up to dedicated members of the gaming community.

One thing is for certain, remaster or brand new game, GTA fans are craving something new. The hope is that will come in the form of GTA 6, although judging by the lack of any tangible evidence from Rockstar, that still seems a long way off. 2021 will mark the 20th anniversary of GTA 3, which might mean a remastered version of the franchise classic.

That might not happen, of course, which is why streamer Rinnegatamante took the matter into their own hands. Along with the help of a friend, Rinnegatamante has managed to port GTA 3 to the PS Vita. Even though the handheld console is more powerful than the PS2, on which GTA 3 was released in 2001, the first installment in the franchise to offer something other than a bird’s eye view was never released on the Vita.

Having made GTA 3 on the Vita run smoothly and eliminating its many glitches, Rinnegatamante plans to make the port available to others. However, Rockstar has reacted poorly to people doing that with its games in the past. Attempts to port Red Dead Redemption to PC and remaster GTA San Andreas have quickly been shut down by the developer in the past. As for GTA 6, a Redditor thinks he may have found clues hinting at its existence in the most unlikely of places.

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