You Can Pilot The Popemobile In Serious Sam 4

Maybe it’s a bit too early to call it, but Serious Sam 4 may have just won the award for best game of 2020. In a new trailer released by developer Croteam, we have confirmation that not only will protagonist Sam “Serious” Stone have access to giant mechs, but he’ll be able to pilot the holiest of mechs in all the land.

Dubbed “The Popemobile,” this righteous killing machine is a massive pink and white monster that can tear through the hordes of Serious Sam’s enemy lineup. Kamikaze guys? Toast. Kleers? Shattered. Warebulls? Trampled. Nothing stands in the way of Il Papa’s mech! Now just imagine multiple of these in co-op!

Joking aside, this is honestly a really cool new feature. Past Serious Sam titles have dabbled in providing players vehicles (most notably Serious Sam 2), but none have given you a massive field with over 1,000 enemies at a time. Heck, Serious Sam 4 will feature technology that allows for 10 times that amount, so you’re going to need the Popemobile to moe them all down.

What I like about this trailer is the cheeky use of The Talos Principle’s soundtrack. Croteam through a ton of references to Serious Sam in its 2014 puzzle masterpiece, so I’m hopeful that Sam’s return will include some kind of hint at the future for Talos. If music is all we get, I’ll be a-okay with that too.

Serious Sam 4 is currently slated to hit PC and Stadia on September 24, 2020. It will be heading to consoles (likely PS5 and Xbox Series X) sometime in 2021.

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