Yes, John Carmack Will Speak Live At Facebook Connect

In case you were worried, yes, John Carmack will be talking live at Facebook Connect in September.

Carmack confirmed as much in a tweet following Connect’s announcement yesterday. In fact, Carmack suggests his talk will be the only live element of the show — which takes place on September 16 — adding that everything else will be pre-recorded “with nice production values.” Production values were never much of a concern in his marathon keynotes, for what it’s worth.

Two factors had us wondering if the legendary developer would be putting in an appearance at the show. Firstly, Carmack stopped working full-time at Facebook in November of last year. He instead transitioned to a consulting role, while spending more of his own time working on AI. Second, this is the first-ever ‘Facebook Connect’; the developer event was previously called Oculus Connect 7, and Facebook says this year’s show will also have a focus beyond just VR. With that in mind, we had wondered if Carmack would be putting in an appearance at this year’s show.

Rest assured that Carmack will be giving another of his ridiculously detailed technical overviews at this year’s digital show, then. At last year’s talk, he offered a eulogy for the Gear VR. 12 months on, he may well do the same for the Oculus Go, which Facebook will stop selling this year, with no plans for another 3DOF headset. Hopefully we might hear some insights into the next Oculus Quest, too, which is heavily rumored to be revealed at the event.

We’ll be covering Facebook Connect extensively, so make sure to tune in.

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