xQc Forgot To Show Up For His Podcast With Pokimane

Streamers xQc and Pokimane are two of the biggest streamers on Twitch. With a combined viewership of almost 20 million, the two planned to collaborate for their very own podcast. xQc 'pre-announced' the podcast for which the two were to have a "fun trial run" on Saturday. Come Saturday, Pokimane was ready, they're followers were ready, but it seems xQc totally forgot about it.

Pokimane waited a bit for xQc until followers started questioning if he was even going to show up. Replying to one of those followers, Poki said, "I think he forgot that today was Saturday. Or, maybe he thought that I meant next Saturday? I don’t know. But, I really think he just lost track of the days, which happens. It’s happened to me.”

Whether he lost track of the days, or it's something else entirely, xQc hasn't made a public statement about why he missed the podcast session. Hopefully, everything is fine, and the two can connect again for the episode, which their millions of fans are surely looking forward to.

It seems Poki wasn't the only other streamer that xQc had plans to host a podcast with. "I had two podcasts in mind,” he said earlier on Discord. “The studio for the first one has been getting worked on for months now.” He then went on to mention that “if we like the Dr Disrespect format, we’ll use the studio for the Poki/ X one.”

Only last week, Pokimane became the first female streamer on Twitch to hit nine million followers. She celebrated the achievement by posting a screenshot of the follower count on Twitter, along with a nonchalant, "thanks for 9 mil". Poki was apparently in the middle of a live stream when she received the notification informing her that she reached nine million. Once she checked it for herself, she proceeded to thank her followers in multiple languages.

xQc, on the other hand, managed to incur the wrath of My Little Pony fans he apparently received “more death threats in an hour” than in the “past six years” after taking part in the recent Place event on Reddit. During the event, xQc asked some of his followers to attack and the picture of Rainbow Dash.

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