Xinyan, One Of Genshin Impact’s Newest Characters, Is Completely Broken At The Moment

Xinyan is the newest character to arrive in Genshin Impact, and the dark-skinned punk rocker is certainly making a splash. She’s completely busted, and not in a good way. A very key part of her kit just doesn’t seem to be working at all.

At issue is Xinyan’s Sweeping Fervor, a skill that provides her with a Pyro shield that absorbs damage and scales based on the number of enemies she hits during the initial casting. Hitting one enemy gives her a level 1 shield, hitting two enemies gives her a level 2 shield, and hitting three or more enemies gives her a level 3 shield that periodically hits nearby does with even more Pyro damage.

On top of that, Xinyan’s first passive talent, “The Show Goes On, Even Without an Audience,” reduces the number of enemies required for each shield level by one. So after reaching the first Ascension level, only two enemies need to be hit by Sweeping Fervor in order to obtain a level 3 shield.

Only that’s not how it works. Reddit user NuggetHighwind’s recently posted video shows that Sweeping Fervor mostly likes to stay at level 1 no matter how many enemies Xinyan hits while casting.

Even hitting a group of six enemies only gave NuggetHighwind a level 1 shield, while hitting three enemies occasionally granted a level three shield if the game was feeling generous.

Commenters noted that this is pretty much the same story across all of Genshin Impact’s platforms, including PC and mobile.

It looks like as cool as Xinyan can be, she’s only running with a partial skill kit for the time being. It might be a better idea to go after The Unforged claymore after Xinyan gets a patch.

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