Xbox Series X price, release date, pre-order and Lockhart latest ahead of Games Showcase

Xbox gamers have a huge day ahead of them, with Xbox Series X games set to be announced during the major Xbox Games Showcase event. Following on from Microsoft’s third-party games event in May, the spotlight will now be shined on what devs under the Xbox Game Studios banner have been cooking up. There should be some third-party announcements too, but the bulk of news is expected to be surrounding first-party Xbox Series X games.

Microsoft has been on a shopping spree for studios in recent years, hugely boosting devs working on first-party titles.

Major studios such as Obsidian and Double Fine have all been snapped up, which should significantly bolster the Xbox games line-up.

Seeing how there are plenty of unannounced first-party titles for the Series X it makes sense to let the games do the talking during today’s Xbox event.

And, because of this heavy focus on the Xbox Series X games line-up, don’t expect any news on the console’s price, release date, when pre-orders will open or the rumoured Lockhart model.


  • Xbox Series X event: Start time, live stream, what to expect

Xbox marketing lead Aaron Greenberg last week gave fans a tease about what to expect from the event, and it’s gonna be all about the games, games, games.

Greenberg tweeted: “I know everyone is excited for Xbox Games Showcase next Thursday.

“Seen some wild expectations so if helpful this show has one focus, games. No business, devices or similar news, just games.

“A whole show about hour long focused on games. Hope you enjoy it!”

The good news though is that Xbox fans shouldn’t have to wait too much longer for Microsoft to reveal these highly anticipated details.

It looks like there will be another Xbox event in August, with Microsoft reportedly set to unveil their rumoured Lockhart console then.


  • Xbox Series X event: Start time, live stream, Games Showcase leaks

Lockhart is meant to be a lower-priced next-gen console that doesn’t offer the same graphical power as the Series X but is easier on the wallet.

Eurogamer and GamesBeat have both reported the Lockhart (which could be called the Xbox Series S) will be revealed then.

So it’s possible Microsoft could hold a stream then to unveil Lockhart, as well as other details on the Series X such as pricing, release date and pre-order info.

The Xbox Series X has a confirmed holiday 2020 release window, with a November launch rumoured and analysts predicting a price point in the region of $500.

Sony are rumoured to be holding a PS5 event in August too, with a State of Play rumoured to be taking place on Thursday August 6.

So we could see a busy few weeks for next-gen news, which plenty of updates being fired off quickly.

Xbox boss Phil Spencer had previously hinted that Microsoft were going to be flexible on the Xbox Series X price.

So they may wait till the rumoured Sony event in early August to see what is unveiled, and whether a price is confirmed, before holding their event next month.

For the time being though there should be plenty to get excited today, with the first gameplay footage from the Halo Infinite campaign set to debut among other announcements.

The Xbox Games Showcase takes place at 5pm UK time and will last for around an hour, with a pre-show beforehand that begins at 4pm BST.

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