Xbox Series S console announced as Xbox Series X release date and price leak

As if there was any real doubt, the Xbox Series S has been confirmed as real after a short video and details of its pricing leaked.

It’s been obvious for a long while now that the Xbox Series S – a cheaper and smaller version of the Xbox Series X – is real but it’s only now that Microsoft has given in and admitted the fact.

At first it did so only with a meme but then later an official announcement was made via Twitter, confirming that the price is $299 (ERP means estimated retail price) and that it’s the smallest Xbox ever.

What it didn’t confirm though is the release date, which Windows Central has suggested is 10 November, for both the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X.

What is the Xbox Series X price?

According to Windows Central the Xbox Series X will cost $499, with the option to buy it in $35 monthly instalments via Xbox All Access.

The Xbox Series S will apparently also be available via Xbox All Access for $25 per month, and although that’s not officially confirmed Microsoft has certainly talked a lot about All Access before – so it’s very believable.

No UK price has been announced yet, or leaked, but the best guess is that it’ll be the same numerical value, i.e. around £499 for the Xbox Series X and £299 for the Xbox Series S.

There’s a lot of factors that could influence the UK price though, so take that as more of a ballpark figure.

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