Xbox First-Party Studios Can Make Series X Exclusives, If They Want

Head of Xbox Phil Spencer spoke with German outlet GameStar and revealed that Microsoft’s plans for cross-generation titles on both Xbox Series X and Xbox One aren’t quite set in stone. While Spencer previously said that he doesn’t expect to see next-gen exclusives for the next couple of years, he clarified that it’s completely up to Microsoft’s first-party studios whether they target both consoles or not.

“We’ve added a lot of studios to the Xbox Game Studios organization over the last few years and providing them the financial stability, the creative freedom to go build the games that they want to go build,” Spencer stated. “Our game creators want to build great games that can reach a large audience of players.”

However, Spencer says that the vision for each of their first-party titles starts with the player rather than a system–so the platforms that each individual title hits will be dependent on the developer’s vision.

“If a creator comes to us … and says, ‘No, I really want to focus on next generation’ with their games, we’re completely open to that,” Spencer admits. “We’re very supportive of that. If a creator comes to us and says, ‘I have this vision for reaching these customers across different platforms and different generations.’ We’re completely supportive of that. It is really about our creators having choice and allowing them to build the games that they want to build to reach the audience that they’re looking for and not things that we’re mandating to our creators in terms of what they have to go build.”

Spencer also confirmed that there are no set rules for developers when it comes to cross-generation support and that he wants “creators creating the games that they want to go build.” Players will be able to see these games in action July 23 during the Xbox Games Showcase.

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