Xbox Edinburgh codename discovered, another Xbox console?

An Xbox Edinburgh codename found in the Xbox One’s operating system is fuelling rumours of a third Xbox console.

We still know next to nothing official about Microsoft’s second next gen Xbox console, codenamed Lockhart, and now there are rumours that the company may have another one.

Originally spotted by software developer bllyhlbrt on Twitter, a new codename, Xbox Edinburgh, can be seen within the Xbox One’s operating system, underneath Lockhart and Anaconda, the latter of which being the original codename for the Xbox Series X.

Microsoft often gives its new hardware codenames based on cities (seemingly at random), with the Xbox One S codenamed Edmonton and the Kinect motion sensor codenmaed Natal, for example.

Xbox boss Phil Spencer has also referred to developing multiple consoles and a new ‘family’ of Xbox devices on more than one occasion, confirming that there will be more than one – even though Lockhart hasn’t been officially announced yet.

Naturally, this has people assuming that the Edinburgh could be a third console, but with the Lockhart believed to be a less powerful and cheaper version of the new Xbox, called the Xbox Series S, what exactly could Edinburgh be?

Some peoples’ first assumption is that it will be an all-digital version of the console, much like what Sony is offering with its digital-only PlayStation 5. Although that’s more likely the role Xbox One S/Lockhart will take. Others suspect that it’s for a streaming device or even a portable console.

Windows Central writer Jez Corden, however, has recommended that people keep their expectations in check, suggesting that it’s possible the Edinburgh isn’t a new console at all and could be something as simple as a new server blade for Project xCloud.

We may not have to wait long for some sort of official announcement about it either. It’s been suggested that the Lockhart will be revealed in August, so could the Edinburgh also be discussed then too?

We might see something about both of them at the Xbox Series X event this month, but that’s less likely as it’s supposed to be focused on first party games, like Halo Infinite.

The Xbox Series X is scheduled to release later this year in time for Christmas.

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